What is Craniosacral Osteopathy?

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The Craniosacral system comprises the bones of the Spine, Skull and the face, and the membrane system which connects them to the rest of the body.

It is a hydraulic system centred on the cerebro-spinal fluid, that is the fluid the Brain produces to provide itself with nutrients.


How does treatment differ from conventional Osteopathy?

Craniosacral Therapy uses a light touch to balance the tensions within the membrane system and control the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid throughout the system.

This clears the way for our self healing mechanisms to be more effective and to be more able to self correct


Problems that Craniosacral Therapy could help

.     Chronic pain
.     Reduced mobility or "stiff joints"
.     Low Energy
.     Headaches
    Jaw (TMJ) problems
.     Neuralgia
.     Menstrual/menopausal problems

In Babies

.     Feeding & Sleeping problems

.     Other problems (see below)     

Please be aware that this is by no means a comprehensive  list. We are restricted by the ASA to claims that we make for treatments.There is anecdotal and in practice evidence that we may help other conditions.

If you are unsure of what we can help with don't hesitate to phone.We are quite happy to chat to you